aka. Urban Highline Terrorist attack in the city


In June 2009, Jordan Tybon and I spent amazing slackline week in my hometown of Wrocław. We did a lot of cool stuff together, like setting up some tricklines in different urban locations and in the parks, making our first Urban Slackline Terrorist action in the black of night from the “Tamka” Bridge. This was Jordan's first 'highline,' although at only 8 meters high, it was more of a midline. We also managed to do a tree-highline in a ropes course and we both sent the 24 meter line several times. For our third highline, we were able to set up the “Big Boy” Highline in the Sokoliki Mountains, the first “real” highline for Jordan (after many tries Jordan sent the extremely uneven highline full-man) This was an adventure, the two of us and all the highline gear packed onto the back of Jordan's motorcycle, a 1989 Honda Transalp, riding home in the middle of a huge storm. Finally, we also completed a rope swing from the bridge.

After all of this we decided to try setting up the urban highline on the amazing V structure. A few days before Jordan had to leave, we went on a scope out mission to check the place out and plan. The next day we went to the place in the morning and started setting up. We had to climb really thin tree to the top of the high concrete base, than get the line across to both sides of the huge steel “V-arms”. We set up not super high because we had short 1” threaded tubular line. As you can see, the higher you go longer the highline is and we didn't have a backup rope. I sent the line full-man, but it was surprisingly scary and exposed. I could see through metal structure and I could almost feel the space surrounding me. Jordan didn’t got the chance to try because of the weather, which was turning bad very quickly

In February 2010, I came back to set up a longer project on the V-structure, and I took along my good friend Wojtek Kozakiewicz as my camera man. I set up 25m long line 30m above the ground with one piece of Type-18 webbing. It was pretty cold and there was still snow on the ground. We had a bit of time and I walked the line multiple times. Wojtek made a nice movie from this action called “v”. You can see the footage from “V-Shape Extended” Highline in it.

Although I still have to come back to the line with my friend Jordan, becuase he has to walk the line too, maybe something longer and higher and maybe one day we’ll reach the last step – walking still cable at the top of the structure connecting arms of the V.



V from vacaspurpuras on Vimeo.

text by jan galek

photos by Wojtek Kozakiewicz and jordan tybon