Paklenica, Croatia

Discovery Channel Filming

Located in the southeastern part of the Velebit mountain range whichruns along the central Dalmatian coast, Paklenica National Park covers 102 sq. km and includes one of the largest forests in the Mediterranean. The two outstanding canyons of Paklenica Park, Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica, show splendid karstic formations. (from the Climb-Europe website) 

With 350m walls and virtually endless possibilities, this unique area of Croatian limestone is a highliner's paradise. Two massive canyons run through the middle of this park and have opened the way to almost 350 routes, single-pitch sport climbs as well as 11-pitch big wall.

This trip will be filming for the Discovery Channel progam, Daily Planet, and will be aired in late September.

We hope to establish 3 to 4 lines, which would also be the first lines established in Croatia, and also a rope swing for the second portion of fliming. The movie will be made by Wojtek Kozakiewicz (Vacaspurpuras) who has done a lot of very spectacular work for us in the past.

There are also many possibilities for waterlines in the gorge, over the Zrmanja river. We hope also to make at least one line above a waterfall, but we are not sure at the moment whether this is allowed or not. The plan is to go for about 2 weeks in the end of August, and while only a small portion of the filming will be used for Discovery, we will also make 15-20 minute video of the entire trip, including the culture, travel, and lifestyle.