Somewhereelseland team members have appeared twice on this popular German television program, although regrettably never together as a team. The show is in prime time and has millions of viewers, and for this reason, unfortunately, is forced to make stories more dramatic than they need to be. The videos are only available in Germany at the moment, but we are working on getting them available to everyone.

- The first video covers Flo Hansen, Helmar Fasold, and Jordan Tybon as they travel to Arco, Italy to establish a new line and get a first ascent:



The team had a fair amount of difficulty with this project, which involved many different elements. From organization of the transportation, to figuring out the budget, and then fighting with weather and time constraints to even make this project happen, they were quite releived and proud to have completed this spectacular line.

Special thanks go out to Gibbon and Fabio Leoni for their help with realizing this project!


- The second features Jan and Faith competing against one another as Slackline Team America battles with Team Europe. Many of the top slackliners were there, including Andy Lewis, Jose Pablo Munoz, Luis Meier, and Bernt Hassman. The concept was explained as a fun competition, not to be taken seriously, but as one watches the video, the tone is quite different.



The competition takes place in 4 disciplines, highlining, angled slackline walking, longlining, and waterlining with tricks. Jan and Faith compete directly against one another in the highline portion, take a look to find out who wins.