Gory Magazine

We are in close contact with Gory Magazine, the largest climbing magazine in Poland.

Janek writes for them on a monthly basis; he is allowed 2-6 pages depending on the project and the size of the expedition.

In August, GORY published a large article about our new project, Ciubaka, the first highline ever established in the Tatra Mountains.

An article about Ostrov, Czech Republic, where Jerry Miszewski set a new (although sadly quite temporary) world record, the 97m 'Master of the Universe.'

Tricklining explained.

Gory also decided to do a three-part series on our US Tour. Janek would publish the articles from a tent whilst he and Jordan would battle over laptop battery power to write and edit photos.
The articles were met with great success in the magaizine, and Janek was offered his own space every month to write about slacklinig. This is the first climbing magazine which has made a commitment to promoting this beautiful art, and we should all be thankful that someone is paying attention.

Another article describing the different aspectsof slacklining:

All of the different slackline festivals in Europe during the year.