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Two members of the Somewhereelseland team JordanTybon and Jan Gałek went to the IMS festival in Brixen, Italy. Janek arrived in Brixen before Jordan. He spent the time before event slacklining with Andy Lewis (USA) and Azcan from Japan, hanging out with Robert and Jan.

This year IMS was hosting first Gibbon World Cup. Eight of the athletes taking part in the two other competitions in Munich and Friedrichshafen. Jordan and the rest of the Gibbon crew had car accident on the way to Brixen. They crashed the car hitting a big stag. The car was completely destroyed but besides that everyone was ok.

The stag was still alive and had to be killed by woodman. Because of that we had one day delay but we managed to set up the line and everything on time. Janek injured himself during the training session just one day before the comp. Jordan was one the three judges during the competition.

The Gibbon World Cup started at 8.00pm and was a big success. The winner was 15 years old Maurise Wise from Germany. Andy Lewis (USA) became overall world cup champion. On the second place in Brixen came Andy Lewis and on third Bernd Hassmann (DE). Janek was competing against Bernd again. He did not present really well because of the injury and stress.

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Besides Jordan and Patrick we had another great photographer during competition – Heinz Zak. Red Bull made a movie from the contest and there was another documentary mad after competition too.

You can watch it here: MOVIE

We want say thank you to the Gibbon family. See you next year!


(From the IMS website) The IMS-International Mountain Summit® is an international platform which discusses, celebrates and casts a new light on the mountains in all their different facets. The mountains are just as diverse as their admires and climbers: They are both living space for people and a habitat for nature. All at the same time, they have market potential and offer individual challenges. Being one of nature’s incredible marvels, they open the eyes of individuals and leave their mark on entire cultures.

Thanks to its location in the heart of the Alps, South Tyrol is the ideal host for this comprehensive summit event dedicated to the mountains. With the city of Brixen/Bressanone, the IMS has chosen a very special venue at the foot of a stunning and proud UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site: the Dolomites

IMS official Film - Boulderfestival + Slackline WM from Berni Kogler on Vimeo.

The Program 2010

The IMS program offers a varied range of unforgettable moments for an entire week. The Mountain Festival takes place in the heart of the Alps, in South Tyrol, which is part of the UNESCO World Nature Heritage Dolomites.  


IMS Walk – Gives you the possibility to explore the Dolomites and local mountain scene with some of the world’s most famous mountaineers. You can seize the chance to have a little chat with the experts and find out more about their real personalities and personal experiences.


IMS Talk – Experience the world’s best mountaineers and climbers in presentations and discussions full of action, intensive experiences and exceptional views.
An unforgettable experience for a whole week. Close to you…


IMS Congress – Invites you to a range of discussions and presentations on medical, political, scientific, organizational and human issues for every age group, for specialists and laymen.


IMS Boulder Festival – A competition where both amateur climbers and professionals can show their talent. The Boulder Festival offers a multilateral program:  scholarprogram, Slackline World Cup, the Dyno High Jump Contest as well as boulder competitions. Fun and excitement is as important as athletic performances.
The highlight of the IMS Boulder Festival will be the IMS Cup10 on Saturday.

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IMS Film – A selection of classical, adventurous and historical films on mountains will be shown for free on three days.