Jan Galek

Former Mens' World Record Holder
Current Polish Record Holder in Highlining/Longlining


Highliner/Climber/Magazine Contributor/Master of the Rigging Arts/Student of Physical Education


Longest: 72 meters
Highest: 1200 meters
Free-Solo: Highest: 90 meters, Longest: 30,5 meters
Longline: 220 meters
Trickline: 6th overall in Gibbon World Cup, 1st place during Urban Highline Festival 2010, 1st place in Chemnitz (2009 & 2010), 4th during Vibram Natural Games 2010


When I began slacklining I was one of the first in my country. Before I found out what slackline was I had been climbing for about 3 years already. That is how I discovered slackline in 2006. I had a really hard beginning and for sure it was tough on me. I had no idea about the sport's popularity and internet forums, which is the main reason why I was learning on my own. I walked my first highline on 20th of May 2006 during the "Slackline Masters" competition, which was the first slackline competition in Poland. Since that time I committed totally to my new passion.

During the "Polish Slackline Open" slackline competition in 2007 I met two accomplished slackliners: Damian Cooksey (US) and Jon Ritson (GB). We decided together that we would have to meet again in California. Not a long time after this meeting our dreams became reality and on 14th of July 2007 I had crossed the "Lost Arrow Spire" Highline as the first Pole. At that time it was the highest highline in the world (880m height, 17m length). That was the landmark in my slackline career.
I spent the next few years mainly traveling. In 2009 together with a group of friends I left for the second time to USA. There I walked 22 highlines in many areas like Yosemite, Moab, Joshua Tree and a couple other locations. On this trip I walked the 67m long "Big Boy" Highline in Joshua Tree. It was the second send of this line right after Jerry Miszewski. Shortly after the US Highline trip, Jordan Tybon, my girlfriend Faith Dickey and I hitch-hiked to Meteora in Greece. There I walked 8 highlines. During that trip all the team worked together. We located, bolted and walked 6 new highlines. After that journey we three knew that we wanted to continue this lifestyle.

Five years of slackline experience helped me to understand what I am expecting from myself and in which direction I want to develop. I want to push my limits and be an all-around slackliner and climber.
I desire to walk longer and more exposed highlines, go bigger on the longlines and get more air on the trickline. I was working with many slackline companies but recently I am sponsored by Gibbon. We work together for one year right now. I was part of a few slackline projects and movies and I still have the desire to promote this activity in Poland and all around the world.

For now my main is not only get stronger physically but improve the mental game. With 21 highlines without protection in total and 5 in 2011 so far I am not planning to stop.
Nowadays my girlfriend and I are living together in Berlin. After finishing our trip in US we'll be working on the consecutive ideas and plans for this year and further in the future.