Millau Natural Games

Video by Diogo Barboza: Here

For the Somewhereelseland crew, this big extreme sports festival in Millau was great opportunity to highline, and that was a main target for me. We walked 4 highlines and got our asses kicked on the 86 meters long beast-highline. Faith, Jordan, Janek, Andy and Hayley, Mike and Robert went there driving from Stuttgart with the "Gibbon Van". It was nice to not hitch-hike this one time. Besides highlining and presenting our slide-show on the big screen in front of a big crowd (thanks again to all the monkeys cheering us on) Janek took part in the trickline contest.

The trickline competition was scheduled for the last day of the festival.
In the first round Janek was competing against Reinhard Kleindl. Reinhard has really unique style. He has some interesting tricks like lemur-jumps with his hands in his pockets or double-turn 180 from the drop-knee.
Janek had really perfect go and landed all the tricks and combos. It was pure fun in the brutal sun. After the contest he landed his first back-bounce!
In the second round Janek had to deal with competing against "Alpha" Mike. As usual Mike did some HUGE atomic butt-bounces and long perfectly done combos. Jan was astonished. It was really nice and Mike finally took the first place. Congrats buddy!

In the competition two 30mm wide lines from were used. One was a bit higher. We still think the higher one could have had more tension. Heavier guys were hitting the ground during some bigger tricks. As always it didn't stop Andy from doing all the crazy shit. Lukas Irmler did really well and stuck all his technical tricks.
Jan Gałek finished in the 4th place. The contest was judged by Scott Balcom, Robert Keading and Freddy Zimmerman. Big thanks to all of them!

The final result of the comp:
1. Mike "Alpha" Payton
2. Lukas Irmler
3. Andy Lewis

MOVIE from trickline contest

We were really stressed about our presentation although we have completed this presentation in front of a crowd of nearly 7,000 people. We considered it a great success if only for the fact that we were able to get many new people excited about our sport.

Thanks to Jordan's sister for translating what he had to say into French!
The three of us were happy to meet with Scott Balcom, the father of slacklining and his wife. It was nice to talk, ask the question we always wanted to ask and debate about the future of the sport.




The highline location this year was super easy to access. The Somewhereelseland crew rocked the lines, walked all of them OS&FM (besides the 86m beast) and got swami, shackle leash and free-solo ascends.
We were all impressed with Mich's sent of the 86m long highline. It was truly inspiring!


Peace & SlackOn!

A list of the highliners attending can be found here:

The teaser highline video: