Taghia, Morocco

Taghia, a little village on the northern side of the Central Atlas Mountains, sits at the confluence of three huge canyons (Akka n'Tazarte, Akka n'Taghia and Akka n'Kandate) each of which are ten kilometers long, 200 to 700 meters deep and sometimes as little as two meters wide. The village is home to poor Berber farmers; the local produce of corn, wheat, apples and alfalfa provides them just enough food and money to buy items necessary to pass the long snowy winter. Above the canyons are wide plateaus where Ait Atta nomads, migrating from the nearby Sahara, spend two or three months during the dry, hot summer season (June to September).(from Alpinist website)

Morocco is a very special place for us, Jan and Jordan met there for the first time in a tiny guesthouse in Todra Gorge, and ever since we've wanted to return with our highline team.

Now, we finally get the chance.

Several sponsors are already on board for this trip, we have lots of information about the rocks and how to manage such difficult approaches with all our gear. Jan and Jordan both have a good deal of experience getting around in Morocco and with the various climbing destinations. On the last trip, Jan had done some searching for a highline possibility in Todra Gorge, but unfortunately the rock quality was too poor. Taghia, on the other hand, is rumored to have some of the highest quality limestone in the world, and several experienced climbers have suggested a number of possibilities.

These would be the first highlines in the country and we plan to have Wojtek Kozakiewicz (Vacaspurpuras) along to make a 15-20 minute movie of the expedition.