We have done a number of events in urban settings, and have a stellar reputation for being very knowledgeable and professional.

This first example is on a church in Lublin, Poland. This was rigged for the Urban Highline Festival, a part of the larger Carnival Sztuk-Mistrzow, a huge cultural festival with juggling, theater, and fire dancers, which we have organized for the last three years. Every year, we set up lines from the City Hall building across the main square and random other buildings in the city. We have a lot of experience with these sorts of projects, on old buildings where the facade is fragile and must be well protected. See all the pictures here.

This second line was a quite difficult project involving old lamp poles that had to be secured in the ground and then also stabilized from behind. The line was 50+ meters long, about 6 meters high, which Jan and Jordan were both able to walk free solo. The event was the annual meeting of digging equipment in Poland. Full gallery here

The last line here was done for the opening of a new outdoor store, 'Der Aussteiger' in Potsdam, Germany. This line was also very difficult to realize because of all the permissions and regulations that had to be overcome, not to mention the small amount of time to prepare. The line could not be rigged in any of the normal ways, and the building itself was very delicate, the entire building was facade, and we had to be very careful not to damage anything. Take a look here for more detailed pictures of the rigging.

Children's Parties

Slacklining is great for kids, and people of all ages, it teaches many basic skills necessary for any physical activity.

We absolutely love to work with children and groups and will happily travel to set up lines for parties or demonstrations. We would bring two or three people, according to the size of the event and cost will be scaled according to the available resources. However, as an example, for two people to come for a day for a childrens birthday party would be about 100 euro.

Slacklining is now being accepted in schools and training centers as an essential component to basic physical education. It develops coordination, balance, focus, and muscular response.

From the Gibbon website:

The Gibbon Active program is designed to utilize the physical benefits of slacklining for everyone who is encouraged by a healthy lifestyle.

Scientific studies have confirmed:
- The sensomotoric system is trained
- Lygaments are strengthened
- Injuries are prevented

Gibbon Slacklines offers the best suited set as well as workshops for any area of application:
- Sport Clubs
- Schools
- Top Athlets
- Physiotherapy
- Experiential Education
- Company Activities