Tatras, Poland


This project was originally scheduled to happen in August, but due to unforseen circumstances was not accomplished at that time. Although we are not sure of the length or the height at the moment, it appears between 40-50 meters and quite high on the Slovakian side of the range. It was to be featured as the cover story of Gory Magazine's Tatra Issue, and would be the first highline in the range. We are always working hard to find new areas, new lines, new space to experience.

The Tatra Mountains were used in the 18th and 19th centuries for sheep grazing and mining and many trees were cut down to make way for human exploitation. Although these activities were stopped, the impact is still clearly visible. Moreover, there are new problems. Pollution from the industrialized regions of Krakow, Ostrava and Oravaand uncontrolled tourism are damaging the mountains.

On 19 November 2004, large parts of the forests in the southern part of the High Tatras were damaged by a strong wind storm. Three million cubic metres of trees were uprooted, two people died and several villages were totally cut off. Further damage was done by a subsequent forest fire, and it will take many years until the local ecology is fully recovered.

The 2006 Bollywood film, Fanaa, starring Aamer Khan and Kajol was shot here, with the location depicting Kashmir in the film. Considering the insurgency in Kashmir, and the similarity of the terrain with Kashmir, it was considered wiser, easier and better to shoot in the Polish part of the Tatra mountains, in Zakopane, than in Kashmir. (taken from Wikipedia)