We are in the process of developing highlining and longlining workshops that we can offer to the public or as private training.


At the OutDoor festival in Friedrichshafen, we put on a highline demonstration and workshop for slackliners who wanted to move into highlining. We had 10 students who had varying levels of slacklining experience and after a few minutes with some preperatory technical instructions, everyone was able to stand up on the line.


Several students progressed very quickly, with one student who had never been on a highline walking the line complete without falling.

With highline workshops the idea is to provide equipment and rig short, achievable highlines for beginners to get a feeling of what it's like to be on an actual highline. In this regard, we can maintain a very high level of safety and also a high rate of success.

We are also working on a longlining workshop series where we can provide ambitious slackliners with the gear and rigging knowledge to walk longer lines.


Often times purchasing all the necessary gear for a longline setup can be very expensive and ability often preceeds equipment, this will be a good opportunity for people to learn about techniques and methods as well as the physics and the forces involved.