Jakub Hanuš

The newest member of team somewhereelseland, kwjet brings a great deal of skill and knowledge to the team.

We are all very excited to welcome him.

Longline: 222 m
Highline: 72 m


Slackline. Three and half years ago this word was unknown to me, a strange activity that would probably fit into a circus. But after I tried it for the first time, I realized that I find something deeper in it, something that I didn't find in many other activities and definitelly something that I found appealing. So I started to see what slacklining could offer me, and I found that it was much more than I had thought. .

First I found many new friends, people that share the same passion to balance on thin webbing and that like to be out there in nature. These people don't care if you are poor or rich, small or tall, black or white, they only care about if you are a good person :)

Another thing that slacklining has given to me is wonderful way to train my body and increase the strength of my muscles. When you see someone experienced walking it looks really easy, but it takes a lot of effort and longer lines are especially physically demanding. You have to use every muscle in your body to control the balance and suddenly, you realize that you are getting stronger and stronger but it happens very natural way. Also the balance gets deeper into your body and your reflexes are faster, then you are surprised how fast you react when you e.g. slip off on ice. And that's useful :)

Finally I cannot forget about the mental aspect of slacklining. When you want to walk well on the line, you must be very concentrated. So focused that every irrelevant thought gets out of your mind. And it gets really close to meditation. You clear your mind, you get rid of stress and you relax. One or two hours of walking moves you to a different world where different things are important. I can say, that slackline (and highline especially) is a really a mental game.

All in all, these are the reasons why slacklining has become so important to me. I became one of the most passionate slackers in my country, in last few years I started pushing limits of the Czech scene and moving it forward. Also I found indulgence in new slackline gear development. I opened a slackshop with my friend, so we could help other people to get proper equipment to start this sport or just buy specialized devices for advanced projects.

Slackline simply swallowed up all aspects of my being, every single thing I do now is somehow connected with this strange activity of balancing. And I guess there is much much more about it, that I have not discovered yet so I'm really looking forward to get more wonderful experience while living a slacklife.