The Team

The Somewhereelseland Team is an unlikely coalescence of beings infatuated with and thus drawn together by a certain way of living, the Slacklife. The meeting of the team was rather coincidental, and was from the very start a chaotic, maybe-it-happens-maybe-it-doesn't stringing together of chances. Yet somehow they find themselves still here, still somehow very deeply tied to one another, woven together by the stark emotions arising from the adventure of finding the limits.

The goal could not be expressed as simply the walking of the line, but the adventure of self-transformation, being inspired to make something happen, or the joy of creation as, more and more, their reality becomes something greater.

Together, they travel around the world seeking out exotic locations to set up and walk the world’s most spectacular highlines. At the same time, they promote a love of the outdoors and a return to ways of living that bring us closer to the earth, not further away from it.  Together with new team member Jakob Hanus, Janek, Faith and Jordan have a combined experience of over 15 years, and are widely considered to be in the premiere class of ability and rigging knowledge.  Over the last couple years, they have completed more than 175 projects, including the creation of over 100 new lines. A first-ascent and established lines list will be coming soon.